Business, Marketing & Technology

Tibert Verhagen graduated in 1998 from Utrecht University with a degree in International Economics. In 2003, he got his Ph.D. degree in online consumer behavior from the VU University Amsterdam. His doctoral dissertation Towards Understanding Online Purchase Behavior was amongst the first to address how web-based technology influences the online consumer.

Tibert has been engaged in several e-business startups. He founded in 2000, a full-service internet company, where he was managing director up to the year 2007. He was also co-founder of SYNQ (2004), an official spin-off of the VU University specialized in positioning the websites of large-scale industry players. He was also involved in starting up an online retail store.

Currently, Tibert is working as associate professor e-business at the VU University Amsterdam. His research and his teaching (e-business; interactive marketing) center on how emerging forms of web-based technology can be used to attract, serve, and retain customers. To practice what he preaches, he has started serves organizations with presentations, advice, workshops, and applied research.
tibert verhagen