Business, Marketing & Technology

My research centers on how organizations can embrace emerging web-based technologies to serve their customers in the most optimal way. In particular, I am interested in how online sales and customer service processes can be optimized by adopting a customer centric view on web-based technology. My research interests can be divided into the following sub-themes:

Online consumer behavior: this research focuses on the influence of shopping system characteristics on online consumer behavior. Next to rational consumer behavior, more unplanned and impulsive consumer behavior is studied. The research focuses on pure online shopping systems (e.g. websites, webstores, electronic marketplaces, portals) as well as on multichannel systems (bricks-and-clicks).

Emerging technologies:
this research centers on the value of specific emerging web-based technologies. Studied technologies include virtual agents, augmented reality, social media and mobile applications. Overall, the value of the technology for both consumer and service provider is examined.

Research methodology: reliable and valid measurement instruments are crucial in positivist research streams. But to what extent are guidelines and prerequisites adequately applied? This research aims to add to the field of measurement validation by introducing new guidelines. New methods for the fields of information systems and marketing research are considered and proposed.